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[Patch List]

Hello dear players, we did some patches regarding

1:-[ArenaManager - CTF ] Are working with a good reward
2:-ArenaManager Reward [ 20 Valentus Silk for Winners]
3:-ArenaManager Reward [ 10 Valentus Silk for Losers]
4:-Change loading Teleport.
5:-Change Script.
6:-Added Hunter Suit to npc
7:-Add Model Switch D15 to npc.
8:-Add Fight Scroll To npc
9:-Change Glow
10:-Change Login
11:-Added Honor Scroll to npc
if there s any more information we will post it as soon as we can , i promise you all that we have more information
we care about your opinion

@Valentus Crew.

Dear Users,

.:::. Valentus Network .:::.

- is finally open!
- you had a new challange!
- try a adventure

to save Valentus from thives.

Rules Of Our Server

1:-Insult anyone from team will lead take block chatting 2 days, respect everyone in the team
2:-Buffer without cape not allowed, 1st block main account 1 day - 2nd block main account 3 days - 3rd block main account 7 days
3:-Insult in global chatting = block chatting 2 days,
4:-It is forbidden to request anything from any [GM] - [GA]
5:-Anyone from team insulting you. you have to take a screen shot and send to any administrator,gm

Server Status


Server Information

  • Cap 110
  • Degree 11
  • EXP/SP 50x
  • PT Exp 65x
  • Gold/Drop 90x
  • Race Chinese / European
  • Start Gold/SP Yes
  • Vote System Soon
  • Tradegoods Disable
  • Magic-Pop Disable
  • Alchemy Rate Disable
  • Max Weapon Opt. +24 (with Adv.)
  • Max Set Opt. +20 (with Adv.)
  • Max Accessory Opt. +20 (with Adv.)

Fortress War

  • Hotan Fortresswar Winner ImpeiraL

Server Time

Fortresswar Register: Every Day

Server Time:
Global Time:

Weekly Uniques:
Weekly Update:

Latest 10 Unique Kills

Gase has killed Yuno

BugsBuunny has killed Uruchi

Th3VoiceKids has killed Tiger Girl

Serial has killed Uruchi

LeaderOfGame has killed Captain Ivy

Kimy has killed Captain Ivy

koko has killed Yuno

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