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Last Globals

1DamUwtb pvp im rouge warlock
2DamUwtb pvp
3DamUwtb pvp :(
4TommyWTS lag
5KyDaHoMEasy event noop :D wtb pvp for any any any any any thing
7DamUwtb pvp
8DamUwtb pvp
9EimyWTB PVP ??
10EimyWTB PVP For any thing
11EimyWTB PVP Test game
12LegacyWTB Pvp gliave!
13LegacyWTB Pvp Gliave we mesh 3ayz ra8y kter
14LegacyWTB Pvp gliave have hitler?
15Legacywtb pvp gliave! have hitler?
16Legacywtb pvp gliave have hitler!
17LegacyWTB Pvp Gliave!
18DamUwtb pvp 1vs1
19WoLvReNwtb pvp chin ^^ Who king chin in this game ?
20WoLvReNwtb pvp chin ?
214GWTB Guild Join Stable Jangna
22WoLvReNwtb pvp ?
23Legacywtb pvp gliave vs gliave!
24Legacywtb pvp gliave!
25ManGificentWtb Strong Guild To Join me
26ViewPointsWTB Hard PVP STR On Any Thinq
27Legacywtb pvp gliave!
28Legacywtb pvp gliave?
29Legacywtb pvp gliave?
30Legacywtb pvp china?
31ProvideWTB PVP STR Eur On Any Thinq <3
32xPacoRbanCwtb guild guys
33Sheroo_Egywtb pvp INT
34Sheroo_EgyWTB PVP Int
35xPacoRbanCwwtb pvp glavie vs glavie
36ProvideWTB PVP STR Eur On Any Thinq <3 #MeRo
37ProvideWTB PVP STR Eur On Any Thinq <3 #Mero
38ViewPointsWTB PVP STR ON any Thinq <3
394GWTB Guild at GO Today Fortress War Jangna ?
40LegacyDone Tweenky Win DevilDarKeN 5/3 <3! WTB Pvp Euro!
41LegacyWTB PVP STR On Any Thing! Pm Tweenky
42DeS3rT_SToRMwtb pvp 1vs1 glavie
43DeS3rT_SToRMwtb pvp now
44Sheroo_EgyWTB Golden
45Sheroo_EgyGuy`S wtb 1k Golden 3wez agab al hitler
46ProvideWTB PVP STR Eur My Build Warrior WArlock <3 #MeRo
47ProvideWTB WAr In South Jangan OR #WTB PVP STR Eur
48Legacywtb pvp gliave!
49Legacywtb pvp gliave!
50Legacywtb pvp gliave!
51Legacywtb pvp gliave vs gliave!
52Legacywtb pvp gliave vs gliave!
53Legacywtb pvp hard gliave!
54Legacywtb pvp gliave!
55Legacywtb pvp gliave!
56Legacywtb pvp gliave!
57Legacywtb pvp china?
58Legacywtb pvp china?
59Legacywtb pvp gliave vs gliave!
60Legacywtb pvp china?
61Legacywtb pvp china?
62Xeno1337WTB War :)
63TranZasTorWtb Pvp Glavie
64Legacywtb pvp gliave!
65Legacywtb pvp gliave!
66Legacywtb pvp gliave vs gliave
67Legacywtb pvp gliave vs gliave?
68Legacywtb pvp china
69AgiltYWtb Event Unique
70Legacywtb pvp china
71Legacywtb pvp china
72Legacywtb pvp china
74Legacywtb pvp china?
75Legacywtb pvp china?
76Legacywtb pvp china?
77Legacywtb pvp china?
78Legacywtb pvp china?
79Legacywtb pvp china?
80Legacywtb pvp china?
81Legacywtb pvp china?
82Lukawts 2k global !
83NoWay2RunWTB Pvp [INT]
84NoWay2RunWtb Pvp [INT]P
85Stremachi0nWTB PVP Warrior / Warlock for global
86Dr3GoNWtb Pvp 1 Vs 1 Glaive >> Fire !
87Legacywtb pvp china?
88iPh33rL3ssFrom::Legacy Wtb PvP Chin Glaive Vs Glaive
89DeS3rT_SToRMwtb pvp glavie vs glavie
90BUZZGuild _MaveRa_ Searching for active members :) WTT Commander for serense pm Me _MaveRa_ FTWWWWWWW <3
91SonekYa GM 3awzen Event Unique awo Stall & wts staf fight +10 for 30. LE
92emudanWtb Weapon Adv Elixir
93SonekWts Staf Fight +10 FOr L.E And Set +5 FB And Acssory nova +5 And One More weapon Fight and any Power
94ZoserWTB PVP
95JeN_My 2h Field +12 Sh1t @@ WTb Immortal Stone pm me fast
96JeN_WTS Set L.A +7 F max 1=6B or WTT For Full Token
97UniqueWTB Immortal + Looking for GM
98SonekWts Staf Fight +11 And Staf Power +12 For L.E & Wts Set Nova +5 + Acssory +5 FB For .LE 7 WTs Gold

Server Status


Server Information

  • Cap 110
  • Degree 11
  • EXP/SP 50x
  • PT Exp 65x
  • Gold/Drop 90x
  • Race Chinese / European
  • Start Gold/SP Yes
  • Vote System Soon
  • Tradegoods Disable
  • Magic-Pop Disable
  • Alchemy Rate Disable
  • Max Weapon Opt. +24 (with Adv.)
  • Max Set Opt. +20 (with Adv.)
  • Max Accessory Opt. +20 (with Adv.)

Fortress War

  • Hotan Fortresswar Winner ImpeiraL

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